Anagha Mahajan

I am a Hobby Painter who has found her passion in the world of colors. I celebrate with colors in indian and abstract art




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Growing up in a multi-cultural environment, I developed a close kinship with the people around me, traditions and nature. This kinship is basis of my art in which the patterns and textures of reflect my subconscious mind, my experiences and my memories. While, in Europe, I could learn the art of abstraction. While working in acrylic paints, gels and pastes, I mostly try bold and vivid color palette that captures the essence of wilderness while unveiling exotic nature of the subject.

In the vast space of painting, every day is new learning, new experience and attempt to connect souls. Although, I try to depict my mind with serenity and purity, I am constantly motivated by many of you. My attempt is to reach out to all of you, learn and grow with you in the field of painting.

  +49 179 8797707
Waiblingen, Germany